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Theory and History of Ontology by Raul Corazzon | e-mail:


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Definitions of Ontology by Leading Philosophers

What is Ontology? - First Part (From Christian Wolff to Edmund Husserl)

What is Ontology? - Second Part (From Nicolai Hartmann to the Present Time)

Key Terms in Ontology

Introductory remarks (Origin and development of some fundamental concepts with a selection of the most relevant texts)

Being (Linguistic and philosophical perspectives)

Selected Bibliography on Being in Linguistics and Philosophy

Existence (Definitions from some leading philosophers)

Selected Bibliography on Existence in Philosophy

Tthe Problem of Nonexistent Objects

Bibliography on the Problem of Nonexistent Objects

Substance (The evolution of the concept from Ancient Greeks to Modern Times)

Selected Bibliography on the History of the Concept of Substance

Selected Bibliography on the Definition of Substance in Contemporary Philosophy

Mathesis universalis: the Search for a Universal Science

Selected Bibliography on the History of Mathesis Universalis

Bibliographie sur René Descartes et la recherche de la mathesis universalis

Language and Ontology

Linguistic Relativism (Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis) vs. Universal Grammar

Selected Bibliography on Linguistic Relativity (Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis)

Universal Ontology vs. Ontological Relativity

Semiotics and Ontology

The Rediscovery of John Poinsot (John of St. Thomas)

Selected Bibliography on John Poinsot

John Deely. An Annotated Bibliography:

1965 - 1998

1999 - 2010

Modern Theories of Predication

Existence and Predication: The Frege-Russell 'Is' Ambiguity Thesis

Selected bibliography on Existence and Predication

Language as Calculus vs. Language as Universal Medium (two traditions in 20th century philosophy)

Selected Bibliography on Language as Calculus vs. Language as Universal Medium