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First Part (A - K)


Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm:

On the website "History of Logic" (

Leibniz A - K

Leibniz L - Z

Leśniewski, Stanislaw

Lorenz Konrad (under construction)

Meinong, Alexius:

German Edition, Translations and Bibliographical Resources

Meinong A - L

Meinong M - Z

Mauro Nasti de Vincentis

Ockham. William of (see: William of Ockham)

Selected and annotated Bibliography of studies on Parmenides:

A - B

C - E

F - G

H - K

L - Mos

Mou - Q

R - Sta

Ste - Z

Annotated Bibliography of the studies in English: Complete Version (only PDF)

Bibliographies on Parmenides in other languages:

Bibliographie des études en Français

Bibliografia degli studi in Italiano

Bibliographie der Studien auf Deutsch

Bibliografía de estudios en Español

Bibliografía de estudos em Português

Peirce, Charles Sanders:

Peirce, Charles S. (Theory of Categories)

Peter Abelard:

On the website "History of Logic" (

Abelard Editions ond Translations

Abelard A - J

Abelard K - Z

Perzanowski, Jerzy


Plato's Parmenides

Plato's Sophist: A - L

Plato's Sophist: M - Z


Poinsot, John (John of St. Thomas)

Prior, Arthur Norman (under construction)

Quine, Willard Van Orman (under construction)

Reinach, Adolf

On the website "History of Logic" (

Risse, Wilhelm

Russell, Bertrand (Ontology)

Sommers, Fred

On the website "History of Logic" (

Stoic Logicians (Zeno, Cleanthes, Chrysippus)

Francisco Suárez:

Editions and Translations of the Metaphysical Works of Francisco Suárez

Suárez A - G

Suárez H - Z

Suszko, Roman

Sylvan, Richard (born Routley, Richard)

On the website "History of Logic" (

Theophrastus of Eresus (Logic)

Theophrastus of Eresus (Metaphysics)

Tonelli, Giorgio

Twardowski, Kasimierz

Whitehead, Alfred (under construction)

William of Ockham

Wittgenstein, Ludwig

Wolff, Christian

Wolniewicz, Boguslaw